Here’s an interesting statistic: According to US News & World Report, the percentage of jobs requiring some computer or computer-related device skill is currently just over 80%. By 2020 that figure is expected to skyrocket to 77%. Compact devices such as iPads will become a mainstay in the workplace as laptops will prove to be too bulky and finger intensive in fast-paced environments.

Numerous companies throughout the country have utilized iPad forms designed as platforms that can be used for project collaboration, merchant transactions, questionnaires, applications – the list goes on. The real question, however, is how do these forms work in your favor?  What advantages do they present that put you ahead of the game?

Corporate Cohesion
When information is rolling steadily throughout the workplace, and everyone is on the same page, stuff gets done. Here’s an idea: Sit down with some of your coworkers and brainstorm for about 10 minutes. Come up with a list of 10 common lines of communication in your company that break down – causing a gap in production – because there is no structure in the line. How would a form create structure, define parameters, and keep everyone in step as your company moves forward?

Forms eliminate the number of steps that are required to complete a task. They allow each person involved to give input without requiring large volumes of content. They create clear objectives, tasks, and ideas to move production forward at a faster pace. For those in communication-intense environments such as large group events where information has to be received or given at lightning speed, forms keep communication to a bare minimum while getting the job done.

Remote Proximity
Your team’s production may depend on how accessible each of you is no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the hot seat leading a corporate meeting or waiting in the McDonald’s drive-thru line, a quick transaction may require your immediate attention. Forms allow co-workers to communicate remotely while providing the same information in a shared format. iPad forms keep all your correspondence organized and well documented so that when everyone comes together, you can pick up right up where you left off.

Ease to Navigate
Forms that you can utilize on your iPad can often simplify transactions with simple to follow instructions and limited points of access. If you’re using a form for clients in your office or customers in your store, using forms to make transactions can make their experience much more simple and hassle free. Keep it simple with iPad forms.

Expand Your Infrastructure
If you’re like most businesses, each department in your company overlaps and communicates about various items throughout the day. Sometimes the network of interaction can cause confusion or traffic jams. Forms can expand your infrastructure and give you a clearer picture of how each department works with the other what is being achieved as a result.

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