Do you want to know how you can have a happy dog in your life? The secret to a happy dog isn’t found in their food bowls or chew toys. Having a happy dog in your family does take a bit of patience and willingness to learn how to care for your canine companion.

There are many websites available with different guides and specific information on taking care of your dog, but how do you know which site has everything you need to know about your dog? Choosing a good site to read about dogs can be a daunting task.

But there is one site that covers the basics on food, behavior, health, products, services, care and grooming. The Happy Pooch provides excellent articles, tips and reviews on everything you need to know how to care for your dog.

The difference between this site and other dog-related websites points to the clean, simple and organized compilation of thoughtful articles and tips covering different breeds, raw and dry food, health and symptoms, good products versus bad products, grooming and caring tips and so much to list.

Not all breeds are covered in the articles. But the articles that do cover the available breeds outline the basic information on physical features and personality traits common to those specific breeds. Some advice is included in those breed articles to help you decide if a particular breed is right for you or not.

Raw, wet or dry dog food? Which type of food is appropriate for your dog? Product reviews will help you decide which type of food you can find in your local store to feed your companion. But there is also some advice in those product reviews that will tell you what food can be harmful to your pet.

Grooming your dog sounds easy? Probably not if you have a large dog who loves to splash water or have a tiny dog who despises water! Plenty of tips and advice will help you bathe your pooch in a safe environment that is not stressful for you and your dog. Some dogs may be afraid of clippers or brushes. You will want to read an article about how you can help your dog overcome their fear of clippers or brushes so you can groom the dog safely in the future.

Medical advice is limited to articles about the available products you can buy at your local store such as flea and tick collars, pills for worms and so on. Some tips are also available about which human medicines can be given to dogs for specific ailments they have. But keep in mind that taking your dog to a local veterinarian is a better and safer option if he is sick with severe symptoms you can’t remedy yourself.

Links to several social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Google groups are also available for you to discover more information about caring for your dog and to connect with other dog owners around the world.

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