Choosing the right pool pump is not easy for a pool owner as there are so many terms to understand, and items to consider. Though you have pool pump professionals to guide you while buying your pump, it’s always better having some basic pool pump.

Flow rate, head and speed are three important features to consider while buying your pool pump.

Flow rate

Flow rate is measured in gallons-per-minute or GPM and refers to the amount of water that is moved in a fixed amount of time.

It’s calculated by dividing your pool’s total capacity by the desired turnover rate (how often water the water moved), and this result is divided by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) to determine your required GPM.


The amount of flow resistance in the pool plumbing system is referred to as ‘head’ which is measured as ‘feet of head’ or ‘feet of resistance’. Various factors determine the pool’s total head like the number of pipe bends, pipe size, pool heater and the distance the water travels. As there are so many features influencing the pool’s total head, calculating it is not so easy, and is best left to the pool dealers Sydney.


Pool pumps generally operate at one or two speeds and may at times use more than the required energy to circulate the pool’s water. It’s however possible to program variable speed pumps at set speeds to deliver the right flow rate for each task performed and thus reduce it’s energy consumption and operational costs.

Once you have calculated the flow rate and head, you can check various pool pumps’ manufacturer’s specs and speed options to choose the best pump for your affordable pools Sydney.

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