The decisions to use egg donation and surrogacy services is the first most important step in establishing a prosperous young family.  But the question how to identify an agency that is reliable and experienced has been a key challenge for many. Here are four key things to look at while identifying the right egg donation agencies.

Legality of the agency

The first step is to determine if the agency legally registered with the relevant authorities. It is also advisable to check if their services are reported and their accounts audited by an external auditor.

Background of the agency

This is where you ask questions. You need to know how long the agency has been in operation and they have been carrying out business under the same name and location. If not, it is recommended that you are aware of the reasons for the change and their credibility. Availability of other people who are beneficiaries of the agency and have documented testimonials should also be on your selection criteria. You do not deserve being an experiment. You should, therefore, inquire about past recipients and the number of clients the agency has linked with recipients in the past year.      

The agencies donor database and medical records

It is important the agency keeps records of all the donors and recipients and their medical records. If there are anonymous donors in the database, it is prudent to know the reasons why. At the same time, you need to identify if the agency keeps records of the donations that turned out successful and where these donors and recipients currently reside. It is also advised to contract the donors who would facilitate a meeting between the donors and their recipients. 


Is there a legal contract that the donors and recipients sign? This is important. If there is a contract, it is prudent to identify the contents of that contract and the duration of the contract. Some fraudulent agencies would only allow recipients to work with them. However, a fair program should ensure that even the donors are insured of their medical safety or some facilitation. 


Surrogacy and egg donation should be pocket-friendly to people who seek them. Although you are likely to have unique individual needs that may need specific solutions, ensure that there is flexibility at all times. 

Screening process

Even after passing all the above tests, you still have time to make the final decision. Once the potential donor is identified, ensure that they have been adequately screened for personal and family medical levels including health-wise, psychologically and genetically. 

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