A spiritual teacher is someone who would help you find the path to peace and serenity. It is important to seek this path, if you are looking for peace that lingers. However, it is not always easy to find the right spiritual teacher says TB Joshua, a pastor, who has helped a lot of people find the path of peace and serenity. Finding the right spiritual guru is important because it is the teaching of this individual which will help you seek the path of divinity. So, the question is – how would find that teacher. How, would you find the person who can offer you the spiritual teaching? There are some facts which you need to verify before believing in someone’s power and strength.

First thing is your desire which you need to verify first. The desire to find the teacher must be true one. If you are sincere in the quest of finding a teacher, you would surely find one assures TB Joshua. It is important that you need to find the teacher with sincere heart and also, you need to do some research about the teacher before making any decision. Never accept someone as your teacher before you really know the person and their ability. A wrong teacher can create deep damage says Joshua.

TB Joshua says that anyone can read a book and give out lecture. Anyone can write books on something by doing research. But, spirituality is something which comes from within. The person who can teach you can help you walk the spiritual path will be born with the desire for spiritual growth. This person will not do it for the sake of anything. They will do it because that’s what they want to do. Such a person is not rare find, but, it is a bit difficult to find someone who would be guiding you out of love.

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Spiritual consultation is always free. Spiritual teachers don’t charge any money for the consultation. They help people because they want to. They support people because they love to do it. This is what you need to remember. Someone who asks for money for consultation will not be able to guide you properly. Look for some who does not demand money for the spiritual consultation. Look for someone who has helped people with knowledge and skill.

The spiritual teacher must be knowledgeable. Such people need to make effort to continuously improve themselves. If they are not enlightened, how would they be able to guide someone on the right path? So, you must try to first visit the church where the person offers guidance and preaching. Keep visiting till you find the right time to approach the teacher. If possible talk to them and create a personal space with the person.

Someone who is a true teacher will not be a slave of ego. It is important that you find a teacher who does not have ego or false pride. Such attributes don’t allow a person to grow properly. Keep this in mind when you are trying to find a spiritual teacher.

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