Training is something that the GWC Valve USA company needs to take seriously since it is the process of teaching employees the basic skills that they need to perform their jobs. There is an importance to training since it increases productivity and allows you to learn about the latest technology, any new policies and even different promotions. Most companies use on the job training which is basically a learn as you go but in the case of GWC Valve USA, this would be a rather dangerous approach. There is are laws that tie in with training such as negligence training which means that legally if there are no documents explaining what you are supposed to do then how are you supposed to know what your daily tasks are. The other rule is use it or lose it which means every company is supposed to allocated 1 percent per year of their salary expenses to a company activity which can be any form of team building or additional training. You just need to provide all the receipts and documents stating what was done and when and with whom.

When it comes to the five step training process, the first step is the needs analysis, which is basically a task analysis that allows you to identify specific job performance skills to improve performance and productivity. The second step is the instructional design, which is basically a programmed learning, informal, workplace and traditional way of learning. You can even pay people to design a course for you such as video courses or online courses. The third step is validation, which is when you introduce and validate the training by offering a sample. The fourth step id the implementation of the materials that allows you to boost success with a train the teacher workshop. The last step is the evaluation and follow-up where the employee will explain what was helpful and what they took out of the training.

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