Cerakote is a polymerceramic, which is used for coating to spread over plastics, metal, and wood. A distinctive ratio is auxiliaryto the formula forthe enhancement of performance applied to any material.

The enhancement in presentation includes corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and hardness. Cerakote pricing is high; therefore, its application will take some high cost. However, we are going to learn how to apply Cerakote coating at home with thebudget.


Every process has preliminary actions, so we have setup all our equipment before getting into action.

  1. You must need an air compressor with a pressure of 80-90 PSI (per square inch).
  2. You must need an airbrush precisely small to give a good finish.
  3. Some small hook. This is to hang the material while painting as well as drying up.
  4. An oven is required to bake the parts.
  5. Blasting the equipment.This is to remove all the old paint, rusts, and dirt.
  6. Containers to measure. To mix a large volume of paint a perfect measurement is needed.
  7. Stick to mix the paints.
  8. Break cleaner and acetone.
  9. A stainless brush to remove the contaminates.
  10. Latex gloves which are made of rubber to keep away the stains away.
  11. Safety glasses. Of course, you must save your eyes from these paints while spraying or brushing.


Refinishing the parts is the most imperative taskbecause it clears all the defects in the firearm; therefore, every part of the firearm must be arranged perfectly. Then refinish the parts of the firearm. The frame, the handle, slide, trigger, and rest of the parts.

Now you must clean all the parts which are about to be coated. Sand paper is advisable for cleaning (600 grit sand paper). Removing oil and grease from the is important. I recommend break cleaner. This is cheap and attached with a spray.

All contaminated areas are well cleaned. By using the brush, you can also remove the grease on your firearm. When this process is finished, hook up the parts and then dip it into to the acetone. The parts are completely immersed in the acetone.

For about fifteen minutes the parts are kept undisturbed. Then place make them dry for atleast of ten minutes. After drying the parts, bake them in an oven at a temperature of 200 hundred degrees for about thirty minutes.

After taking the parts out from the oven, resoak the parts in acetone. This will create a firm base to the firearm. And again repeat the same baking process with the exact temperature and duration.

Once the whole thingis finished, make the parts dry and cool. Finally, put them in a new plastic bag. The parts are ready for blasting with Aluminium Oxide 80-120 grit media.

Last but not least, assembling the parts of the firearm.

Cerakote protects firearm from all kind of metal drawbacks. It resists the rust, corrosion, etc. Thus,a home made measure will be below our budget.

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