What makes New Years Resolutions so unachievable? Although this seems like a pessimistic point of view, for the most part, ValueMags President Andrew Degenholtz has realized that individuals who say they are going to change or do something new or different in the New Year rarely achieve or stick to it. Why is that? ValueMags CEO thinks it is quite simple actually. “They are not ready to”, said Degenholtz. What he means is that individuals who “want to lose 15 pounds” or “start flossing their teeth once a day” are doing for the sake of the “resolution” occasion; not because they are ready to make that change in their life.

Often times, the best changes come from a realization. Understanding that there is something that needs to be changed in your life is one thing. But doing it is another. New Years Resolutions are easier said than done… like most things. For that reason, Degenholtz does not believe in New Years Resolutions. Usually, that individual that wants to lose weight or floss their teeth more often will only do so when the doctor or dentist tell them it will become a problem if they do not. That seems like a poor motivator.

So how does Degenholtz, the CEO of ValueMags and partner of multiple other companies, get motivated?

  1. He surrounds himself with positivity. Understandably, a corporate situation is not always healthy or positive. To escape for a couple of minutes in his hectic days, Degenholtz calls his kids. Their voices are motivators for him to keep working hard so they can live a comfortable life.
  2. He takes time for himself. Sometimes that could be considered a distraction rather than a motivator. When work ends, he goes off the clock. It is hard for some individuals in this fast paced society to differentiate life and work but it has to be done. Most who do not do it, end up hating or strongly disliking their jobs.

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