Nornickel Plant was located in the city of Norilsk, and was one of the best producers of nickel and palladium. The plant was not doing great business in this city, so the company decided to shut the plant before its scheduled time. The closure planning began many years ago, but finally in 2016, the company has made it official that they are going to shut down the plant forever, so the Norilsk live condition may get on the better side. The scheduled closure of the plant was in October, but the company has decided to shut the plant down in August.

Reasons behind shut down

There are many reasons which made the company to shut down its plant in Norilsk. The most important reason of them all is for making the city a better place to live. The atmosphere of this city is heavily polluted with sulphur dioxide which is harmful for Norilsk people. The Nornickel Company has itself taken the initiative of cleaning the air of this city. The company is working with many other organizations on the project of capturing the entire sulphur dioxide from the air making the city a better place to live. The company has also joined hands with many other human welfare communities as well as with United Nations Global Compact for the betterment of the people of Norilsk. UN Global Compact works for human welfare, human rights, human labor, and environment welfare. This shut down has been considered as a great decision that has been taken wisely for protecting the people as well as the natural environment of the company. It is said that plant shut down has reduced the emission of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere by 30%. Now the Russian government as well as many human welfare communities are making their efforts to restore the city back to its natural condition.

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