A sandblasting gun can be used for a variety of purposes. You can remove rust with it from metal components such as cars, bikes, safes, and airplanes. You can also clean molding or matte process a piece of molding with a sandblasting gun. Many construction repair experts use a sandblasting gun to repair cabinets, doors, and other wooden accessories for painting or priming. Sandblasting guns also are used in an industry you would not normally expect – the fashion industry. Designer jeans are often blasted with a sander to create a worn look on the denim fabric. Guns are often restored by sandblasting. You can also take paint off of metal with a sandblaster.

Sandblasting guns are made for both individual users and commercial developers. Probably one of the most common uses is to restore metal parts for machinery or to restore cars, boats, and other moving vehicles. Sandblasting guns use a combination of heat, pressure, and finely ground particles to restore wood, metal, and other parts back to a workable condition or get them ready to prime in order to paint them.

Depending on the materials and the type of conditions required for restoration, you might use either a sand mixture or a baking soda substitute to clean the material. If you are working with a lighter material, such as a thin metal, or if you have delicate pieces nearby the piece you are working on (think electrical wires, for example), you would probably want to use the baking soda replacement. The baking soda substitute uses less heat and has a finer grind than the sand mixture. This will avoid warping, burning, or denting thin metal and other light materials.

If you are working with a very strong material such as steel, and don’t have any lighter or more delicate attachments such as wire or cables connected to the part, a good sand mixture will do the job efficiently and well. The sand mixture uses a higher heat and makes for a stronger grind. This is great for stripping car paint, engine parts, factory machine parts, and other heavy duty machines.

A sandblasting gun is not expensive to purchase, and can save you a lot of work. It can also help you focus your sandblasting on particular areas that might be otherwise hard to reach or small. There are not a lot of parts required to put one together, and they are pretty easy to learn how to use. There are many great YouTube video tutorials available for free that show you how to use a sandblaster.

Be sure to practice good safety measures when using a sandblaster. The fine particles can find their way into the air and affect your breathing and vision. Also, sandblasters can be very noisy. Wear proper clothing, safety goggles, and a breathing mask to protect yourself.

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