Every accomplished and talented writer definitely looks for safety and security while working online. The simple reason behind this fact is that when you work for people who are completely strangers for you, you get a little skeptical about the work procedure, especially the payment issues. Contentmart is one place that not only provides various writing opportunities to freelance writers and content writers but also makes sure that the writers get their payment safely and in time!

Let us find out the top five reasons which convince why Contentmart is the safest place, for content writer or freelance writers, in terms of payment and otherwise too!

Clear Display of Amount by Clients – While working with other online writing portals, you may come across situations where the amount is not clearly declared by the client. However, unlike other freelance writing portals, the clients at Contentmart have to clearly display the amount which they are offering for a certain project. This gives a clear idea to the writers like how much payment will they get for writing a specific number of words.

Bid What You Like – The next important advantage for writers while working with Contentmart is that they have the freedom to bid in their own desired amount. Regardless of what the clients are offering for their projects, the writers at Contentmart can place the bid in their own suitable amount.

Check out the Assigned Project – Once the writer has placed the bid and the project is assigned to him or her, the writers can always check the amount that has been put in the assigned order of a specific project. As a writer, you should start working on the project only when you are satisfied with the assigned rate.

Quick Transfer of Amount in Writer’s Wallet – As soon as you submit the completed assignment and your chosen client approves your submitted work, you get the discussed amount transferred in your Content-mart wallet.

Payment Gets Transferred Automatically after 5 Days – If due to some reason, the client is not able to check your submitted work, then also you do not need to worry for your submitted work. Contentmart has a very simple and straightforward rule for such situations. The amount of your completed project gets transferred in your wallet automatically after five days of submission. This is regardless of whether the client has checked your submitted work or not. However, your client might reassign you the project for some corrections, if he or she feels like doing so.

With so many advantages being bestowed upon the writers, be it the content writers, freelance writers or online writers, Contentmart comes out as the perfect option to work safely from the comfort of your home!

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