All categories! Bet you never know about resume

As soon as a student completes his schooling, resume becomes an essential part of his or her life. This is a type of document under which you can tell complete information about yourself from where you did schooling and what is your plan now. It is mostly to apply job vacancy by each job seeker. Through this, the company can get proper knowledge about you and can choose whether to send you in the next round or not.

In research, it has been found that if a person’s resume is attractive, then most companies select that person without an interview without answering any question. In earlier times, most people used to do local reviews near their homes. Still, today it is not like that at all, now every person has got advanced according to technology, and many websites and applications have come on the internet, with the help of which you can easily create resumes. Under this, various templates are provided, through which you can get an attractive resume such as a professional template, student template, and others.

Types of resume-

Based on demand and shapes, resumes have been divided into different categories, known worldwide for various reasons. This means that you can choose the resume template according to the category and increase your job placement chances. Every person and jobseeker needs to know about the category of résumé because, with its help, he can create an attractive CV.

  • Chronological resume
  • Functional resume
  • Combination/hybrid resume

This is the name of all those famous resumes and today we are going to give you all the information through this article if you are interested to know, and then read this information carefully with focus. If a single step is missed, then you will fail to make a good resume.

  • Chronological-

It is the most trending category today, which is mostly used by the jobseeker. Under the resume of this category, you can write the information in chronological order, of which the most recent position is the first and the oldest position last. Most of the focus is given on the date and title under the category of this resume because only these two things in the resume make it attractive.

  • Functional resume-

Chronologically, it is a less preferred résumé or common format that focuses only on your skills and accomplishment. This means that under the category of resume, the person’s focus is on tightening the title and date in the resume and his skills. Under this, your education is divided into various categories, such as administrative, marketing, and project management.

  • Combination/hybrid resume

It is known all over the world for a resume for a job as it is using for applying for jobs. This is considered to be a combination of both categories as it focuses on the date and title, but at the same time, the skills of the person are also taken into consideration. So it is the most preferred option in today’s time.