Art Direction at ValueMags

As one of the top marketing and distribution agencies for magazines in the United States, ValueMags needs to have the best art direction team. Their business relies on the diversity and execution of their advertisements. Everything from the copywriter’s function to the individual that uploads the text and advertisement online. The art direction function is responsible for the layout of the advertisement and every visual aspect of the advertisement. The layout is the design and orderly formation of the elements of the advertisement. It is important that an ad be visually appealing so that the consumer gets hooked. For ValueMags’ advertisements, it combines illustration, the body copy, creating an impression, technology and photoshopping, thumbnail sketches, rough art, and all softwares required to make that happen.

ValueMags has to consider many design principles that affect layouts because their ads need to be distinctive and avoid clutter. Balance is the relationship between the left and right side of the layout. Formal balance is the symmetric or equal weighted sides. Informal balance is the different elements of both sides.Other elements that ValueMags needs to consider is the flow and movement of the receiver’s eye, the unity of the message portrayed, the color, contrast, and white space, the size of the advertisement online and offline, the difference between photography and artwork, and lastly the clarity and simplicity of the advertisement. ValueMags is dedicated to the success of their clients and their clients advertisements which means paying close attention to their work. Advertising is one of the most competitive industries that is related to all industries and human consumption. For that reason, ValueMags is also continuously increasing their own investment in new art technologies to remain competitive and acquire new customers.

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