Cabin Rugs Offer Extra Insulation 

If you’ve got a cabin that you think could be just a bit cozier, cabin rugs are what you need. These offer both extra insulation and visual warmth, making a chilly cabin suddenly seem a lot more comfortable.

Bare Floors Have Both Physical and Psychological Effects

A plain wood or tile floor on a cold day is, well, cold. It takes more heat to make the floor seem warm, and while wearing slippers or shoes can remove a lot of the need for a very warm floor, a cold floor can make the room as a whole a lot harder to heat. Remember, hot air rises, so that cold floor is only going to amplify how cold the room feels. You end up increasing the temperature on the thermostat on a heater, or if you are using a fireplace, you end up putting more and more wood onto the fire.

A room with a cold, bare floor is also psychologically chilling. The Spartan look and feel of the room can make you feel less protected and more at risk from the cold outside, and it can make you feel like you’re a bit on the edge — a bare floor is what you see in Hollywood representations of flophouses, so it’s not something you want to see in your own room. This is why making a cabin look and feel cozy is so important — you have to feel protected when you’re in the cabin.

Adding Warmth and Life

Placing cabin rugs on the floor, however, adds both physical and visual warmth. The rugs hold warmth better than the hard floor, and the colors and patterns of the rug make the room look like one that someone actually lives in, rather than one where someone is just staying for a while. It’s also harder for warmth in the room to transfer out through the rug, if the room is on an upper floor, so you have better insulation. That leads to less need for heat from a heater, and any fires you have going can be smaller, allowing you to conserve wood for later.

Rugs for your cabin floor are available in several different sizes and materials. If you’re going for the rustic look, try to find rugs with muted colors made of thick materials. Aim for having a few different rugs, too, as these are great ways to divide up a room into different areas for different uses. Use rugs to delineate areas for reading by the fire, taking care of paperwork or bills at a desk, chatting over snacks at a table, and so on.

Rugs should be easy to clean and made from tough materials. Check with companies that make rugs specifically for cabins and cabin-style decor. You’ll find a wealth of options.