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Can I family lawyer Sydney get you child custody?

We know about the number of divorces happening in the city. The numbers are huge and climbing up on a daily basis. The main sufferers of a divorce are children. They suffer a lot and have to face a lot in life when their parents’ divorce. Most of the time children are having to live with either their father or their mother while the other becomes just a visiting parent. This is why family lawyers Sydney help to get custody of the child.

Child Custody

If both the couples are in for divorce on a mutual consent, they will get their divorce very soon in couple of days or weeks. However, the case is not same in case when only one partner wants a divorce and the other doesn’t. Whatever the case be, children are to suffer during this big process and they will have to live with either their father or mother for the rest of the life. At the same time, Australian law states that parents don’t lose their rights on the children and have to contribute and help to the welfare of the children. When a couple divorce and are separated forever, they both have equal rights on the child.

In this case, the court will be in a dilemma in sending the child to one parent and the other will file a case asking child custody. This is where family lawyers who mostly handles divorces cases, will also take up child custody cases. Therefore, the same lawyer who helped you get a divorce from your ex-spouse can help you get custody of your child.

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Even this is a long process and not that easily solved by court. The court will have several hearings and investigations done in order to know how the child will be with both the parents. If the court feels the child will be better living his/her mother, then court will grant the mother custody of child, similarly the other way around as well.

Regular income and source of living

Nowadays, most men and women work and are independent of their own. This has helped even women to have custody of child even if she doesn’t have any other big backgrounds. If the court feels she can support for the child’s education and other expenses, and the child will be happy and better with her, mother will be granted custody of the child.

The mother can always, with the help of their family lawyer Sydney can approach the court to get alimony or child support from her ex-partner. This is a must give for all men who divorce their wife unless it is mutual consent divorce. With financial support from the father, the child can very well have a good life ahead. All these ideas are provided by family lawyers Sydney.

Get in touch with family lawyers in Sydney who willbe involved in all the family problems and try to help them solve. This is why most family lawyers are like family members.