Making healthy habits stick – The secret tip to stay motivated

We all have something in our mind as to who we would love to see ourselves as. Active, fit, devoid of any kind of disease, pain or chronic health diseases and supported and surrounded by loving and caring people. However, getting here is tough and there might come a point when you may think that you’ve done everything without getting any such result. The Americans spend nearly $10 billion in a year on self-improvement products and books. Despite spending such a huge amount, there are many who don’t see any noteworthy improvement in their well-being and health.

 V2 Cigs mentions that there are several reasons as to why success is sometimes hampered. You might be tackling too many things at once or you’re unnecessarily being hard on yourself. Staying healthy and remaining so depends on planning, effort and also on patience. Here are few strategies to adopt.

#1: Begin with realistic goals

Whenever people take a step forward to enhance their health, the first thing they think of is action. Meditate, eat better and run more. However, the actual point is that remaining healthy begins straight at your head. In case you think you’re not ready to move forward, start focusing on the cognitive goals.

#2: Concentrate on the long term

If you opt for short term solution like 7-day solutions or fitness crazes for 21 days, you will probably jumpstart into doing things which can offer you rapid results but they won’t be perfect for the long-term. If you do this, you will revert back to your old self after few weeks. Choose behaviors which you can adopt and to which you can stick over time.

#3: Small steps will help you reach bigger goals

As against all the things that you may hear in the flashy ads, you have to understand the fact that slow and steady will always win the race. Incremental steps are usually the best way of moving forward for achieving your goals. When you’re trying to get more active, begin with a 10 minute walk all over your block and start with meditating for 5 minutes in a week.

#4: Be accountable to your own self

People usually tend to work harder when they have someone whom they’re accountable to. It can be a mentor, a coach, a friend, a work buddy or a family member. Ultimately you will be responsible for your behavior. So, whenever you wish to stick to your good habits, you should be accountable to someone.

Therefore, once you’re wondering about the ways in which you can achieve good health and stick to your good habits, take into account the above mentioned strategies.