Place Setting Accessories for your Wedding

Most people want their wedding reception to be as elegant as possible, and that means dinner service needs to be breathtaking. Simply setting out some paper plates and plastic dinnerware won’t cut the mustard; you need to ramp things up to make a good impression. Creating an elegant place setting can be accomplished without a lot of hard work and without the expense of buying real silver utensils. Adding a few inexpensive accessories can take your wedding place settings from run-of-the-mill to the talk of the town. Here are a few ideas so you can see what’s possible with just a few simple touches.

Customized Placemats

One of the most dramatic ways to make your place settings look fantastic is to have custom placemats made specifically for your wedding. Most couples choose to do something simple like having their wedding date and a romantic quote printed on their placemats, but you can do something much more noticeable like having a photo printed on each one instead. Buying custom printed placemats may be too expensive for some couples, but if you can afford them they are a great way to jazz up your place settings for your wedding.

After Dinner Mints

One simple and inexpensive place setting accessory is the after dinner mint. Not only will they fill up some of your reception tables to make it appear to be a better experience, but you’ll also be giving everyone a treat to enjoy after they eat. With so many guests crammed into very close quarters, it’s never a bad idea to make sure that everyone’s breathe smells fresh. For an added touch, you can even get your after dinner mints in custom printed packaging with your wedding date and your names so there’s no mistaking what lengths you went through to make your wedding perfect.

Wedding Sparklers

Another great table filler involves placing a few wedding sparklers at each place setting. Many couples choose to either buy or make their own wedding sparkler holders so they don’t need to hand out as many wedding sparklers to each guest, but I find that it’s easier to just leave them in the package. To keep things inexpensive, you can choose sparklers for weddings that are only 10 inches long rather than some of the longer versions that are available, but it is really up to your budget. I feel that the 10 inch sparklers burn for plenty of time and are so much cheaper than the other sizes that there really isn’t a need for anything larger.

Personalized Champagne Glass

If money isn’t a huge concern and you want to give your guests something cool to take home with them, you may want to consider getting some personalized champagne glasses made. Most couples have them made with their wedding date printed on them, but I’ve seen more elaborate designs that include a picture from their engagement photo shoot. The best part of a personalized champagne glass is that it will be useful at your wedding for toasts while also being a great wedding favor that guests can take home. This means you won’t have to shop for wedding favors while at the same time making your wedding place settings look fantastic.