The most important set of clothes:

It gets very difficult to find out what to buy what not to buy if you are a first time parent. Every parent wants to collect everything they see for their newborn baby. But they have to be little efficient in selecting the new born baby clothes as per their requirement so that nothing gets missed out. The normal age category for baby clothes is zero size, three, six, and nine months and so on. And designs of these clothes also varies from age to age. There are few set of baby clothes which are very important to buy and plays important role in daily use.

  • Nightwear for winter and summer:

Nightwear counts as the number one priority. Babies usually wear night wears almost every time so they definitely have to be super comfortable. In summer it good to make your baby wear Baby pajamas [ชุด นอน เด็ก , which is the term in Thai] and do remember to choose pure fabric cotton. Where as in winters footed pajamas is trend nowadays it keep your baby warm whole night

  • Set of shirts for different use:

Here set of shirts refer to different shirts for different use including; inner wear that are very important must buy 5 to 7 set of inner-wear. Then day wear or casual wear shits with soft and 100% pure fabric, as most babies get skin problems with their clothes. Body suite can also be a good option that is usually considered are complete outfit.

  • Other wearing accessories for daily use:

Other tinny accessories like a head cup, set of napkin, shoes, soaks, inner rompers, dippers and many more. These little accessories are very important or it won’t be wrong if you say they are most important things. You might observe nurses usually make newborn baby wear head cups before dippers because a newly born baby can get cold quickly and can make them very ill.