Top Reasons To Consider Choosing HE Top Loader Over Front Loader

Shopping for new washing machine can seem overwhelming, especially the terminologies you are uninformed about. In addition, the plethora of models and brands to select from, you may have not visited the appliance store.

There are two types of washing machine with lots of unique features. Top loaders have been historically more prevalent, but front load washing machines are dominating, since its introduction in early 2000. However, front load offers many advantageous features but at a hefty price.

As technology is growing, top loaders are also falling in line with front loaders. The high efficiency top loaders without agitator sales have increased in the past years for good reasons.

Better capacity

Top loaders max around 14 kg, so big families can invest in a big washer.  For small families, a 5.5 kg high efficiency top loader Whirlpool model can save the day.

Ergonomically friendly

Front loaders needs vertical stacking, with door opening in front. If you are suffering from bad back pain then transferring laundry can be very painful. With top load, you don’t need to be concerned about swooping down. In addition, front loader needs extra space for opening and closing the drum door, but top loaders can accommodate in small spaces for it opens on top.

Noisy aspect

Top loaders are little quieter [58 dBA] than front loaders [61 dBA]. On dodgy floors, top loaders are less prone to extreme vibration, which can be noticed in noise level changes. You can choose top loader, if your floorboards are flawed. Vibration while running is also minimal.

Energy efficient

Top loaders have short cycle time and as the clothes stay in the same vertical surface, while washing motors don’t need to struggle against gravity for washing. It is recommended to wash laundry in cold water for energy efficiency. Visit CompareRaja to find the best energy efficient washing machine.

Machine without agitator

Agitators are found to move clothes briskly in circle, which damage the clothes. If you choose a machine with no agitator then more stain removing products will be needed. This can turn out to be costly. There may be a need to rewash clothes or apply soak cycle more frequently.

Instead of agitator, HE top load washing machines use plate, discs or wheels. It is positioned at the tub’s bottom and designed to move or spin the clothes gently through detergent and water. Drying time is reduced as washing speed is quick. HE detergent is needed to avoid the cause of extra suds, which decreases cleaning power.

Life expectancy & repair cost

The average lifespan of top loader washing machine is 14 to 15 years with better maintenance and less abuse. Top loaders possess less electronic items, so less concerns about the expensive repairs.

Other top reasons to opt for top loaders

  • You are on a lookout for light weight option as you change houses frequently.
  • You are looking for cheapest appliance.
  • You have to soak soiled laundry for a long time, before washing and top loaders allow this.
  • You don’t need to suffer from mildew issues.

The above reasons are sufficient to choose top loader over front loader washing machine.