ValueMags and Food Advertising

Advertising for food is not easy says ValueMags. The marketing and distribution agency for magazine publishers has been partnering with brands of their clients to emphasize the offerings within those magazines.

COBS Bread is currently positioning themselves as a higher end bread, typically bought on important dates and events such as holiday seasons or family organizations. However, to increase their sales and visibility they wish to be seen as a company that is consumed on a daily basis. To change consumer attitudes explains ValueMags, COBS Bread must market their goods similar to most common bread brands, all while maintaining the quality of their bread. The advertising tactics listed below are tactics that COBS Bread can adopt in order to increase their visibility as a bread eaten on a regular basis

  1. COBS Bread can influence their visibility by paying to be placed at the eye level on the bread shelf alongside other bread companies which are viewed as daily breads. Thereby, marketing to their wish to be seen as bread eaten regularly and influencing their lifestyle perception.
  2. Their brand personality will be modified as they shift away their focus as a holiday bread. This modification can be further noticed with packaging suitable to the purpose of bread. (Example: Mainstream bread loaf packaging for weekly bread and decorative holiday packaging for holiday bread.)
  3. Brand Equity will play a big role in shaping COBS Bread’s Social Media. (See question below)
  4. Conscientious Consumerism will be influenced as COBS Bread highlights the fact that their bread is known to be a “Higher end” bread. This will therefore explains ValueMags, influence buying patterns as consumers will create a relationship between a high end bread and the health benefits that follow.
  5. Recently, the North American population are identified through the brands that they consume and purchase. This applies most often to high and purchases and healthy eating high habits. If COBS Bread caters to the perception of eating a healthy bread and maintaining the high end bread reputation this will intertwine consumers perceptions and their ego.

For more information about high end food brands that ValueMags is advertising and marketing for through their magazine publishers, check out the link above.