What Are The Differences Between LED Tubes T8 And T5? 

It is usually tricky to differentiate t5 LED tube light and LED t8 tube light. In this article, we will explore more on the two. We will look at the fundamental points that differentiate t5 and t8 LED light.

T8 vs T5       

Energy Saving

Comparing LED light bulbs with traditional light bulbs, you will realize that LED as a source of light saves more energy. But comparing t8 with t5, light bulb t5 LED has a higher efficiency than LED t8 bulb (หลอด ไฟ led t8, which is the term in Thai). This is because light tube t5 requires less power and the volume of light tube t5 is smaller at the same time.

LED Tube Light Brightness

If you prefer LED tube with high bright light, then your choice should be the LED t8 tube, because the tube light in t8 is more bright compared to t5 tube light. LED light tube t5 is less filled with inert gas and electrons.

On the other hand, the LED tube t5 is a perfect choice if you want to create a dark lighting environment.

Sizes Of Tube Light

LED t8 tube is fatter than LED t5 tube. As we all know, one “T” is equivalent to the length of 1/8-inch. This implies that one t8 is 1-inch, whereas, the diameter of the T5 LED tube is 5/8-inch.

Prices Of LED Tube Light

Since the length is different, so is the cost too. Therefore, the price is different between LED t8 tube light and LED t5 tube light. You should know exactly what you want.

LED Tube Light Application

T5 LED tube is mainly used in kitchens, and living rooms, whereas the T8 LED tube is applied in LED street lamp (โคม ไฟ ถนน led, which is the term in Thai) which is ideal for commercial areas such as parking lots, hospitals, factories, and schools.