What can you do to transport a broken car?

Cars are one of the fascinating marvels of modern science. The mechanics behind it are fairly complex. This is one of the reasons why sometimes they down in the middle of the road without any prior sign of any problem. And when someone’s car actually breaks down in the middle of the road it may cause traffic problems like congestion of vehicles and also a traffic jam. Thus what can you do in order to avoid such a chaotic situation in case your car meet the similar situation, is that you can hire a tow truck service (รถยกรับจ้าง  , which is the term in Thai).

What are the different types of tow trucks in the market?

Tow trucks are generally trucks with an open space in the back where you can place an automobile. However, this type of tow truck is called slide on cars or platform-based tow trucks. Apart from that, you have the ordinary hook and chain tow trucks that the broken car down the road. There is also the wheels up the car. This type of car helps you with taking the car by lifting the front two wheels. Government agencies mostly use these tow trucks. Apart from that, there are also tow trucks to transport bikes and other small vehicles as well.

Hire car moving services in Thailand from online

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