What is dementia and Alzheimer disease

Many people know that Alzheimer’s disease is related to memory loss am but very few of them and know that Alzheimer is also a type of dementia.  When a person suffers from such diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, then there are many health-related issues like the problem with memory and also thoughts. A person fees many daily life problems regarding behavior and thinking. When a person is suffering from the health-related issue of Alzheimer’s disease, and then the symptoms of such diseases are slowly turning towards a getting worse. The symptoms slowly develop and the keep on developing over time the symptoms get more severe, and for a person, it gets hard because they interfere in the daily life tasks.

Alzheimer disease basics

Here you can learn about the Alzheimer’s and dementia basics

Yes, it is the very much basic thing that Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for dementia and which is related to memory loss issue. Dementia is not only related to the memory loss in the human body, but it is responsible for many other serious cognitive issues that can lead to enough problems in daily life task of a human.

When we learn about the facts, then there is 60 per cent to 80 per cent of people which face dementia because of Alzheimer’s disease.

Can Alzheimer disease cause death

Some people fear from the statements and there at Alzheimer’s disease can cause death. But the statement is not true, symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease grow very slowly, but they can cause enough problem and becomes severe over time. Many people do not take care of the patients who are aged if they are suffering from the assignments diseases they think that The Alchemist disease is due to the age factor. But it is very much important for a person to get the proper cure and to get property or it is very much important to get diagnosed properly.

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