What You Probably Didn’t Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

When thinking about potential hazards on a job site, we tend to assume of slip and falls as negligible accidents; in reality, these accidents are nothing but minor. Reports from the National Safety Council indicate that slip and fall accidents cost U.S companies about 70 billion dollars per year in medical expenses and claims. These kinds of accidents mostly occur in places with heavy foot traffic, including malls, supermarkets, work office, and schools. They are mostly caused by uneven or slippery surfaces and unseen protruding objects that are not properly noted.

The federal law dictates that all property owners should take reasonable caution in the maintenance of their facilities to ensure the safety of their workers and visitors. Often, slip and fall accidents are usually as a result of a lapse in the maintenance responsibility, which exposes people to preventable harm. Whether it is through improper signage or failure to clean a known spill, injuries may happen when those tasked with the responsibility of maintaining safety cut corners or get lazy.

Detailed Explanation

The details of a slip and fall accidents are simple; they happen when you lose your footing and fall on the ground. While a slip can be somewhat harmless in many situations, there could be objects on the ground that significantly increases the danger and chances for injury. Serious slip accidents occur on rough and sharp cornered surfaces that may cause extreme injuries. For this and more invaluable information, go to http://mginjurylawyers.com/services/slip-and-fall-accidents/.

Slips and fall accidents caused by wet surfaces are often very dangerous and could cause grave injuries to core parts of your body such as the head. For instance, you could suffer blunt force trauma from objects like desks, tables, and trash cans that may get in the way of a fall. However, even a clean impact with the ground can cause a lot of pain. Trauma to the head can cause neck injuries, serious brain damage, and even paralysis. If the fall is caused by an uneven surface or a protruding object, injuries can inform of twisted ankles. Extreme injuries can also be caused by falling and hitting the ground at an odd angle.

The Aftermath

Slip and fall victims can end up in dismal circumstances that require them to pay heavy medical bills. If a slip and fall accident causes an injury to your head, damage to the brains can take a long time to be realized, and the treatment process can last for years before you recover. Treatment for these kinds of injuries can be very expensive and sometimes, they even exceed the amount of compensation given by an insurance provider. It is, therefore, imperative that you seek legal assistance to ensure that you get sufficient compensation to help you recover all or most of the costs.

What renders slip and fall accidents complex is determining who is liable for the accident. For instance, if you are hurt from a slip and fall accident that happened in a restaurant or a supermarket, the fault could come from different angles. It could be something as simple as a sloppy worker who failed to clean up a spill. The fault could also be because of a procedural error at the ownership, management, or corporate level. It can be very difficult to correctly identify the person who neglected their job and led to the accident. Therefore, it is recommended to seek the help of a competent slip and fall lawyer