11 Tips To Keep Your Pets Warm During The Winter Months

Common house pets like cats and dogs are usually covered with some layer of fur. Although it might logical to think their fur is enough to keep them warm in winter, all pet owners know our furry family members get cold too. Here are some easy ways to ensure your beloved pets stay warm and comfy through the winter season:

#1 – Bundle ‘Em Up

Dog breeds with thick coats or those that are specifically bred for colder climates can easily adjust their body temperature to adapt to the cold. However, pets with a thin coat of fur should wear sweaters that cover their neck and belly to keep them warm.

#2 – Wait For The Sun

Hold off on letting your dog play outside until you can feel and see the sun. Otherwise, try to find indoor activities to keep them entertained during the winter.

#3 – Detect Any Signs Of Illnesses Early

A runny nose, lethargy, a lack of appetite are clear indications that your pet needs to be seen by a vet so that a top veterinary compounding pharmacy can create the perfect food for to treat their illnesses before it becomes serious.

#4 – Keep Them Hydrated

Always put out a fresh bowl of water for your pets because their body uses up more energy just to stay warm.

#5 – Additional Bedding

Add something cozy to your pet’s bed to ensure they can snuggle up in warmth when they sleep. An old but warm blanket and raising their beds off the floor helps pets keep warm through the night.

#6 – Everyone Stays Inside

No pet should ever be left outside during the winter. Never let your dog, cat, or even rabbit stay outdoors because they will get sick and this can be lethal to a pet.

#7 – Pet-Proof Heaters And Fireplaces

Pets will naturally gravitate towards a source of warmth when they are cold. Make sure to put proper pet-proofing systems around the fireplace and the heaters to avoid any accidents and injuries.

#8 – Don’t Leave Pets Inside Cars

Five minutes inside a car during winter is more than enough to turn it into a freezer. Don’t leave your pets in the car, even if you think you’ll just be away for a few minutes.

#9 – Store The Clippers Away

Let your pet’s hair grow during winter because this provides natural warmth. Keep the clippers away until the snow melts and the temperature increase.

#10 – Avoid Dry Skin

Cold temperatures can result in your pet’s skin becoming dry, just like ours. Make sure to go to the top veterinary compounding pharmacy and add a coat and skin supplement to their daily diet.

#11 – Protect Their Paws

Your pet’s paws can crack in winter which can be uncomfortable for them. Trim those furry feet and protect them with booties so that they don’t crack or get injured when walking outdoors.

One extreme exposure can lead to a lot of trouble, so always be extra careful and attentive towards your pet’s needs during the winter.

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