A life without struggles is not a life lived to full potential

When the term, ‘’the struggle is real’’, is used, it basically means that the task at hand or generally in life is actually difficult. Whether it’s about trying to get a good grade in an exam, exercising to shed those few annoying pounds or securing a well-paid job. The struggle is inevitable. Mostly struggles are looked upon as the tough and bitter time in life which has a negative aftertaste, and we either make it a turning point in life before something great happens or a downhill moment in life when something bad happens, usually forcing us to forget that moment.

What we tend to overlook is that these struggles, no matter how big or small, are the main reasons that have made us into who we are, which is the best version of ourselves. Best version doesn’t mean a Miss Goody-Two-Shoes; it means an ultimately strong person. No strong person ever has an easy past. It is a natural occurrence in everyone’s life to experience the highs and lows but it does not mean that either one individually defines you, rather a combination of both defines you.

If you can’t tell how a person facing struggles is a strong person, here is the difference:

1- They stay calm– This is actually a habit everyone should adapt and we all try but the struggle is real. Sometimes we might just blame the weather for a bad mood. But with strong people, if a setback happens, they should dwell on it for longer than some time and accept it and work on it. They know that life can be surprisingly unpredictable and flexibility to change is their number one strategy. In the beginning, staying calm to a panicking situation is no-doubt difficult but to get used to anything, you have to be exposed to it constantly until you develop a self-discipline.

2-Stay positive and have healthy habits– Now this does not mean that be abnormally positive to everything, no, that’s unhealthy. It means to find the beauty from negatives, always trying to solve things you know are wrong. Learning from each and every experience and using it in a beneficial way. They don’t require themselves depending on other people for basic happiness but they do value that bond which is necessary for a healthy life and mental health.

3- Respect and value others– These people don’t get jealous of other’s success, they actually appreciate, encourage, motivate and always want the best for others. They believe that inspiring others is a way to give back to the universe. These empowered people are the ones who turn out to be mentors, leaders, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, etc. Seeing them wanting respect and value along with inspiration in return will give you a whole different perspective on life.

How to know you are going through struggles and not run away from it

1- This isn’t your first and isn’t going to be your last struggle– People tend to want their life to be easier when there is clearly no such thing as an easy life. If you are reading this article up until now, then you definitely have been through struggles and that makes you a strong person if you deal with it correctly. There’s never just a single struggle in a person’s life. It’s just how you train yourself to deal those struggles. It’s about the experience, you have to mold your mindset in a way to conquer what you set your mind to which will inwards help your mental health and life.

2- Experience and grow– Struggle is a medium that follows with a lot of other things as in stress, insecurity, low self-esteem, self-doubt, lack of willpower and the urge to just give up. Experiences like these every now then should be a starting factor in dealing with struggles. Know the problem, breath, construct a plan for dealing with the problem, encourage positive self-talk, believe in yourself, go ahead and just do it. Hence, growth! Experiencing struggle is a strength in itself. The only thing that will not help is you not doing anything about it.

3- You aren’t alone in this– Whenever you feel stuck, before your dark thoughts take over, reach out to whoever you are close to, if not then reach out to a person you just got to know, if you don’t even want to tell anyone then at least reach out to yourself, you are your best friend and biggest support, never ignore your say in anything. Never forget that everyone has have felt what you are feeling, we are all humans, no one is a special case of upset mental health. If you reach out, someone will understand. Never think of giving up.

Here are some books to help you self-search yourself

1- Smart, Faster, Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

This book gives examples of companies who were able to accomplish a lot and their stories reveal how these people made specific choices that led to the success.

2- Unstoppable: No Excuses by Tariku Bogale

This book lists innovative ideas to achieve the unthinkable from all the struggles there are in life. Captivating stories of taking risks and facing obstacles and emerging as a stronger person.

3- Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum by Neil Patel

This book mentions how you have to break from the usual boring ways and hustle on your own terms. It is said that it is only done by making small changes and eventually moving on to bigger things until you are the person you want to be.