Aesthetic Treatment to Freeze Fat Right Away

Loving yourself for who you are is the best you can do, but there’s no harm in rediscovering the best version of you. Everyone wants to look better and that’s why gyms and make-up concepts originated.

Many have insecurities regarding their body structure and it just gets worse sometimes when a fat fatty layer shows up. Many may complain that bulk of fats target their different body part (like thighs) while skipping the others (eg. Abdomen region).

For them, the best service available is Fat Freezing by aesthetic treatment. Clatuu fat freezing in Malaysia is offering one of the best fat freezing services by aesthetic means.

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Look Good, Feel Good

Around 20-25 percent of fatty bulges in targeted area can be reduced in one session. This is a pretty great number and significant reduction to offer in just one session.  You can reduce fat cells in the targeted area to get your dream look come true.

So, who will not want to destroy the stubborn excess fat, that hampers their dressing styles and make you feel insecure? Surely no one would. Also, freezing fat by aesthetic means is also one of the safest options to go through for reducing fat.

How does the treatment works?

This kind of freezing treatment is targeted to specific areas where an excess of fat is deposited. Freezing temperature over -10°C triggers the natural death of fat cells. This doesn’t harm the nerves or other tissues over the area, which is quite more common in liposuction. The frozen fat cells will eventually shrink, get broken down and at last would pass out of your body by the means of faeces, pee or sweat.

How long would it take?

After one session, you may eventually observe results over a period of a couple of weeks or slightly more. This is because of the time is taken by broken down fats cells to leave your body. Also, some other important factors working behind are your body shape and the amount of fat that is existing in your body.

Talking about one session, it may take as long as over 1 hour.

So it safe to say that just after completing a session, you may have to wait patiently to see the results.

Who is suitable for a Session?

 One should have more than 1inch of pinchable fat before attaining the session, for safety reasons. This would indirectly mean that you may have a higher than that of the recommended BMI. The consultants will check it out for you and then decide if you are okay to go under the machines.

The common areas of treatments are flanks, love handles, thighs, bra bulges, lower abdomen and back fat. One should take notice that freezing fat is not one of the means to pull down your weight or treat obesity. Also, in no way, this kind of aesthetic treatment replaces the benefits of healthy diet and regular exercise.

So, schedule a part of your day to make it to one of the Clatuu fat freezing in Malaysiato get your body shape done right.