Call Us When Wildlife Gets To Be Too Much

Have you ever experienced any of these unfortunate situations?

  • An alarming scratching sound in your attic?
  • Odd smells of animals you don’t own?
  • Damage to your property in your attic, basement, or elsewhere?
  • Sightings of unwanted animals on your property?

We are not an extermination company. We specialize in animal & wildlife control. This means that we come and trap the animal that is causing problems in or around your property, and we take it away- usually for re-release elsewhere, away from civilization. Our methods are humane because we love animals, but we completely understand that the mix of wildlife and our homes is not a great mix. We also love people, we value customer satisfaction (and safety!) and we run a family business. We get it: your property needs some protecting and you need help with a furry interloper. With twenty years of experience and multiple commendations for our community-minded service, we are the premier animal & wildlife control service for the Los Angeles area.

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What’s the first thing we do when called to a residential, public, or commercial property? We do a thorough inspection. It’s not just a matter of hauling away a raccoon in tiny little handcuffs, though that would look pretty funny. We like to determine what animals are involved, how many, where they are gaining access to the property, and what damage they are doing. We know the kinds of damage wildlife can do when they dig, nest, chew, and wreck an attic or other area. We want you to both be safe and feel safe. We want to help that animal get back to the wild where they can live their natural lives. So while we do an inspection, set traps, and capture animals, we also like to educate the community. We’ll explain how you can secure your premises to prevent more animal invaders. While we have had to return to neighborhoods on the edge of the city, we’re not a company that encourages repeat business. Again, your safety, and the safety of the animals, is the highest priority for us.

What kinds of wildlife control have we encountered? Over twenty years we’ve encountered pretty much anything California can throw at Los Angeles and all the cities around it. Raccoons, opossums, snakes of all kinds, skunks, groundhogs, squirrels, bats, bobcats, coyotes, and others have been the focus of our services. We even remove dead animals from the property, so do NOT delay if you suspect something has died in your house. We’ll take care of it.

We’ve provided animal & wildlife control services from Burbank and Beverly Hills to Lakewood and Whittier. Contact us today.