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When you visit reputable and proficient divorce attorneys like Holly Davis, Chris Kirker & Kody Silva one thing you can rest assured of is to have a fruitful and hassle free mediation divorce. You will not have to go through the strenuous and stressful legal processes and formalities of litigation but at the same time have the matter resolved just as you desire. There will be a lot of court hearings and compulsory attendances along with complicated judicial decisions in divorce proceedings through court. This will cost you more along with take away much or your time and that is why more couples are finding more sense in such alternative dispute resolution method.

Abide By The Law


It is also mandated legally that all trials should first undergo mediation and arbitration before it is dragged to court and it is applicable in all arenas of law. Though the purpose of both arbitration and mediation is the same there are some distinct differences between the two processes. There is an arbitrator engaged during the arbitration process acting as a conduit between the two parties involved. After the productive discussion the arbitrator listens to the arguments from both and makes a decision that is legally binding. Mediation on the other hand, will allow the couple to vent their wants and feelings to arrive at an amicable agreement.

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Reasons To Choose Mediation


Mediation process is faster and less complex. The qualified and proficient mediator facilitates constructive conversation for sharing the responsibilities, duties, assets and liabilities. The mediator acts as a neutral third party offering unbiased opinions at times to help out disagreeing spouses and to resolve an impasse. This is the most cost effective process requiring lower attorney fees, time and stress and is also beneficial for the child not having to face the pain of divorce proceedings.