Edit Or Treat Photos? What’s The Difference?

If you want to understand the difference between editing and creating photos, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you will understand the primary difference between these two fundamental steps in photography. Click here to know the top photo editing software to use to edit your photos and videos

Edit Photos = Decup Photos

Photo editing can be easily confused because the English term ‘edit’ is used in the color processing software. Like in your mobile gallery, the ‘edit’ option opens the crop, filter, color, and light tools; the term editing photos is known as treating or correcting something in an image. But in technical terms, not quite.

The correct way to distinguish the terms would be to use the word DECUPAR, which means choosing or separating one or more photos. When you have several photos from the same session, and you need to choose the best ones, it means you need to decouple the photos—sorting without changing the raw file. In a photographer’s workflow, when he has to separate all the photos that go to the treatment, he is previously decoupaged the images to be treated later.

Treat Photos = Change The Photo

Treating photos concerns the digital treatment, which involves changes to the file, whether they are color, cut, light, etc. When you talk about creating a photo, you will change the file so that it is no longer a raw file. In Lightroom, when you add a wedding present to your photos, for example, you’re treating the photo.

Free Lightroom Preset For Wedding

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 The preset we provide in this post matches:

  • Day weddings;
  • Backlit photos;
  • Pastel tones.