Erotic massageFor Couples – Tips to Make Your Lover Feel Truly Relax and Great

Erotic massage is a powerful way to develop intimacy and closeness in a relationship. The basic concept behind erotic massagewould be that by giving a particular massage to your mate, you are also giving pleasure via touch.

However, when you first offer to provide a erotic massageto your mate just to start with it is not truly a erotic massageat all. Instead, you are simply fooling around and your mate will feel disinterested because you did not go the extra mile in making him/her feel special.

The best way to start sensually treating your mate is to create a mood. For instance, you can suggest that you can both get dressed up and do a little bit of light housework together. You could also add that you need to go and have a personal appointment for a facial or to have your nails done. When you have started to create the mood, your thoughts and your body language should indicate that you are trying to establish a erotic massageexperience for your mate.

One great way to begin erotic massagefor your lover would be to use your hand to gently knead his/her buttocks. This technique is also referred to as the buttocks massage or the kneading technique.

To do this technique, you must place your hand right below your lower back and your left hand should be placed on your left bottom and your right hand should be on your partner’s buttocks. Use gentle and slow strokes to massage your partner’s buttocks. It would be best if you use your other hand to rub the inside of your partner’s buttocks.

Another effective erotic massagetechnique is using your fingers. To do this technique, you should position your hands on your lover’s upper thighs and make a “come here” motion with your fingers. You should massage your lover’s inner thighs gently with your fingers. You can do this technique by either softly rubbing your fingers over his thighs or by gently running your fingers over his inner thighs.

The last technique you can use to set the mood for the erotic massagewould be through aromatherapy oil. For this technique, all you have to do is put some relaxing essential oils in a carrier oil like coconut oil, grapefruit oil, or lavender oil. Put a few drops of these relaxing oils in your carrier oil and then lightly rub them into your lover’s body, starting from his neck and working outwards.

Make sure to pay special attention to his face and ears as these are the most sensitive parts of his body and these techniques will set the mood for a truly relaxing and erotic massagethat will completely relax him.

Erotic massagefor couples is very beneficial to increase intimacy and to make both people relaxed. This is because it helps couples to enhance their connection through touch and emotion. If your lover asks you to do something that may make him feel good, do it for him without any resistance.

Do not think about what he wants or what you think he wants. This is because if you think about anything while doing a erotic massagefor couples, you may ruin the mood. Therefore, make sure you take your time with the erotic massageand pay special attention to his body parts especially his buttocks and neck.