Five cheapest places to buy property on Isle of Sheppey

5. Minster Park

This beautiful town is close to all of the local amenities as well as to the Blue Flag Award winning Beach which is why it has become very popular among people who are interested in properties. This town is located on the north coast of the Isle of Sheppey and it is part of the Minster-on-Sea civil parish which is located in the Swale district of Kent. Approximately 22000 people are living here. There is a monastery in the area from which the town derives its name. There are several variations of this name such as Minster-on-Sea and Minster-on- Sheppey and also Minster-in-Thanet. Nevertheless as far as the Ordnance Survey gazetteer is concerned all of these places are listed as Minster. Properties in the area can cost £85,000.

4. Broadway

Broadway is a suburb of Sheerness which is lying beside the mouth of the River Medway and this is on the north-west corner of the Isle of Sheppey. It is the largest town on the island because more than 12,000 people are living here. In the 16th-century there was a fort which purpose was to protect the River Medway in order to prevent any possible naval invasion. The plans for the Sheerness Dockyard originated from the same time period. It was considered to be a suitable location for a facility where warships might be provisioned and repaired. Properties in this region can cost £70,000.

3. Eastchurch

The village of Eastchurch can be found on the Isle of Sheppey and it is only a short distance from Minster. It has been alleged that this area has a long history of smuggling and piracy and those claims have also been made on the website of the village. This village is also the home of British aviation because the airfield in the village was the first one to handle a controlled flight on British soil. This airfield continued to play a critical role in the history of British aviation. If you need to sell property quickly, properties in the area can cost £39,000.

2. Minster-on-Sea

Minster-on-Sea is located in the English county of Kent. It is one of the villages on the Isle of Sheppey and it is also part of the borough of Swale which has been in existence since2003. The majority of residents live on the seaside town of Minster which is located on the north coast. This is because the southern parts of Minster is mostly marshland and this is also where the village of Elmley is located which is completely deserted. People can expect to pay approximately £30,000 for a property in this region.

1. Leysdown-on-Sea

The coastal village of Leysdown-on-Sea is located on the east side of the Isle of Sheppey. Together with other places such as Harty, Shellness and Bay View it forms the civil parish of Leysdown. Mention is also made of this village in the Domesday Book where the village is referred to as Legesdun which is widely believed to be coming from the Anglo-Saxon words Leswe and Dun which translates as pasture and hill. A property will cost £17,000