Five Dangers of Having Rats in Your Home

You definitely do not want to have rats around your home. Not only are they unsightly and embarrassing in front of visitors but they are also carriers of deadly diseases. To avoid the costs that come with having these pests around your house, you should prevent them from invading your homestead in the first place. Below are some dangers of having rats around your home.

1. Very destructive

Rats will eat almost anything inside your house. They have sharp teeth which they use to chew clothes, documents, wood, cardboards, wallboards and even insulation cables. This is another good reason to cover your floors with parquet flooring options from Parquet Flooring London companies. They are affordable and can pose a real challenge for those pestering rodents. They are even capable of chewing your electrical wiring which can lead to house fires. You should be very careful about how you store your seeds, cereals or sugar since they are rats’ delicacies. Your wardrobe should also be nicely arranged and locked to protect your clothes from these rodents. To prevent rats from causing extensive damage in your house, you should seek the assistance of a professional to have them exterminated. If you need immediate attention, please check out this link

2. Can harbor diseases

Having rats around your home is not only dangerous to you and your family, but it also poses health risks to your pets. The following are some diseases caused by rats.

• Hantavirus which can lead to severe breathing problems

• Rotavirus. This causes severe stomach pains and diarrhea to infants.

• Leptospira. This disease is characterized by vomiting, muscle aches, severe headaches, chill and high fevers.

• Other diseases caused by rats to humans include Listeria, Salmonella, rat bite fever and murine typhus. Some of these diseases affect both human beings and animals.

The primary cause of most of these illnesses is rats’ feces and urine. You should, therefore, put on gloves when cleaning up rats stools.

3. Large infestation of rats can lead to a foul smell

Rats’ droppings have a terrible smell that could be very disturbing. You also do not want to have a rat die inside your house. Dead rats produce a very foul smell which can make your entire house unbearable. If the source of the smell is not identified and the dead rodent got rid of, the odor can take a number of weeks or even a month depending on the size of the rat and the amount of time required for its body to decompose completely.

4. Rats can trigger allergies

A good number of people are allergic to dogs or cats. Rats can also trigger allergic reactions. The causative agents of these allergies include saliva, dander, and urine coming from rats and mice. Some signs that you are suffering from rat allergy include skin rashes, coughing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose and also respiratory problems. If you are allergic to furry animals, you will want to avoid contact with rats.

5. It is embarrassing to have rats in your house

Rats are associated with dirty living conditions. Having them darting around when you are hosting visitors can be uncomfortable to you and your guests. Not only are these creatures unsightly, but they are also repulsive.