Five things to check before adding a fibreglass pool

Thinking of adding a fibreglass pool to your backyard in time for the scorching summer? While cooling down may be the main reason for a swimming pool at home, there are some things you need check before your swimming pool installation!

1. Do you really want it?

Install a swimming pool only if you really want it as there’s no backing out after digging the ground. It’s only if you know you can maintain and perform other financial and personal responsibilities of owning a pool should you add it..

2. Your priorities

You need to think why you need your pool, which is an investment for years to come. Things to consider are if you will be entertaining by the pool, if you want a low-maintenance pool, if small children will be using the pool and how the pool and its features will fit into your backyard.

3. Your budget

Calculate how much you will be able to spend installing and maintaining the pool as fibreglass pools prices determines the pool’s size and features. You may have to omit some things which don’t fit into your budget or use affordable alternatives.

4. Local rules and regulations

Consult your local council to enquire about the local rules and regulations about pool planning before the pool installation. You need to find out if there are any local building and safety regulations like installing approved barriers before filling the pool to comply. As different councils have different laws, make sure your pool complies with all of them.

5. Is it possible to DIY the pool?

While you can add a fibreglass pool on your own, it’s better to have a professional pool installation Australia. Experts ensure your pool is professionally installed with minimal flaws and problems.

Once you cover these 5 points, there should not be anything preventing you from installing your fibreglass swimming pool!