Massive Gains using Anadrol

Those who are in the competitive sports know how tough it is to participate and still tougher to win prizes or medals. If the medals are elusive, then they turn to anything to achieve their goals. In the case of body builders, muscle growth is the important factor on which they can develop and tone the muscles for competition. However, if a person lacks the initial muscle growth, they are attracted to steroids for their quick solution. Not any kind of steroid, but anabolic androgenic steroids. These kinds of drugs are known to help in the muscle development growth in humans. It is essential to know the risks and rewards associated with steroid consumption so as to make a good choice.

Anabolic Steroids for Muscle Growth

From the early 1950s, researchers have been looking at enhancing human performances to boost their natural talents. From the synthesis of Testosterone, they started developing other hormones called as steroids which induce more hormone production in the body. One such synthetic steroid is called as Anadrol, branded generically as oxandrolone. This is an anabolic androgenic steroid which helps the user to develop anabolic and androgenic qualities. The anabolic properties include increasing the muscle growth, strength and stamina. The androgenic qualities are increased sexual drive and fertility.

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Medical and General Use

The original purpose of the drug was to treat patients who are suffering from anemia, less bone density and where people need muscle growth due to undernourishment or malnourishment. It is also used where RBC is less. For medical use, the drug is legal and is available only with a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. The drug was slowly withdrawn from the medical use due to its many side effects. However, due to its anabolic properties, athletes, especially body builders started to use the drug for its muscle growth properties. One should understand that use of any kind of steroid in competitive sports is prohibited by most of the Sports Associations in the world. Despite this, many people use the drug. Since the drug is orally active, many people prefer the tablet form as it is easily consumed. Once inside the body, it accelerates protein synthesis and RBC production. This enables cell and muscle development in the body and weight gain is achieved.

Usage and Risks

Due to the side effects of the drug, medical practitioners carefully monitor for them during the course of the treatment. However, athletes require quick results and they almost always go for high dosages. If medical use requires 10-20 mg, these people use 50mg as a starting point. Within a period of 2 months, 20-30 lbs growth is noticed amongst users. Anadrol, branded generically as oxandrolone is also notorious for its plethora of side effects. On the lesser side, headache, irritability, swelling, nausea and vomiting can occur. Severe side effects in men include priapism and enlarged breasts. In women, it may lead to changed menstrual cycles, enlarged clitoris and infertility. Other dangerous effects are toxicity in the liver and cancer of different types. Whatever may be the use, it is best taken under the supervision of a medical physician.