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BaaziStore presents gaming tables that break old conventions and show new ideas and concepts for a great computer station. Our brand is exclusively for European players. Before we start the production of a completely new model, our designers and engineers consult hundreds of active eSports professionals from all over Europe who participate in the most famous gaming tournaments and leagues. Every new gaming table must first be accepted by the eSports community. This is how all final designs are created. For example, the idea of ​​installing a full RGB LED system came from real gamers who often emphasized the lack of such solutions. Another concept introduced together with professional players is side barriers on the surface. No gamer likes to accidentally drop their precious hardware on the floor. This dangerous factor has been eliminated by BaaziStore.

Each new product must go through a 2-year testing phase before it is mature enough to enter the retail market. Strict quality control according to EU standards ensures that our computer desks last in perfect condition for a really long time. Talented designers achieve great shapes that guarantee a high ergonomic value. The BaaziStore brand wants to set new standards and showcase future-oriented products. Innovative gaming table layouts with revolutionary technological solutions are our trademark. The revolution in gaming furniture has just begun. BaaziStore quickly became one of the leaders of this progressive movement. Each table is a true masterpiece that underlines the strong ambitions of eSports.

Product description

The basic thing we all want from any table is exactly stability. If your keyboard, mouse, and desk are bouncing around when you’re typing or playing your game, you’re going to struggle and break your pace. However, the Mr Ironstone K Series 45.3 inch gaming desk is a solid and versatile desk that will provide stability and calm concentration for your efforts.

With its black color and elegant lines, the 45.3-inch Mr Ironstone K Series computer desk is the best solution for your compact study or office cubicle. The unique design will instantly make your space look clean and professional.

You can definitely fit at least 2 monitors on the 45.3 inch Mr Ironstone K Series gaming desk along with one laptop placed on the stand. The 45.3-inch Mr Ironstone K Series computer desk offers a huge space to set up a gaming rig or design studio. In addition, the ergonomic curve allows you to fully face both independent monitors.

Get this amazing piece of gaming architecture to improve your quality of life at the best price only at Baazi Store.

Product details

Invest in your ergonomic future today with the Mr Ironstone K Series 45.3-Inch Computer Desk. Poor posture is a modern problem that we all face. You’re sitting, straining your neck a little too much, and you’ve been putting up with the pain of these bends for a long time. However, getting a 45.3-inch Mr Ironstone K Series gaming desk for your endless work hours will bring you years of comfort rather than years of pain.

With the 45.3-inch Mr Ironstone K Series Computer Chair & Desk, anyone looking to upgrade their home or office or gaming setup will undoubtedly have a reliable and sturdy desk that will last a long time. And this portable 45.3-inch Mr Ironstone K Series gaming desk does it all at an affordable price.

Product specifications

  • The highlight of the Mr Ironstone K Series 45.3 inch computer desk is a large waterproof MDF PVC laminated surface with a comfortable curved design.
  • The package includes adjustable leg pads to ensure that the table does not wobble on uneven surfaces.
  • The durable legs of the Mr Ironstone K Series 45.3 inch gaming table frame are made of strong metal.
  • 2 cable routing holes on the 45.3 inch Mr Ironstone K Series computer desk
  • The package also includes a removable cup holder, a handy headphone hook and a rear cable management system
  • Mr Ironstone K Series 45.3 inch computer instruction manual with detailed assembly notes with assembly tools and 18 screws. Installation takes less than an hour.