Points to Consider Before Buying NSS Champ Scrubber

The price of NSS Champ scrubber depends on the size of the equipment. Before you make the purchase, you need to research sufficiently to ensure you get the right equipment. Although the cost of the equipment seems high, you get the reward from reduced cost of labor. Cleaning a floor with the scrubber is faster and easier than using ordinary methods. The following are the main considerations you need to make before making your purchase.

Area to be cleaned

The size of the area to be cleaned determines the size of the unit you will buy. Small equipment is ideal for limited areas while a large one should be used for a bigger space. Using a small unit to clean a large area is uneconomical as your costs may still be high and the cleaning time will not significantly reduce.

Using large equipment for a small space may create difficulties moving it around. Therefore, the cleaning unit should be matched with the area to be cleaned. Ask to have the machine tested in the space you will be using it on. The seller will most likely agree to it before you sign the sale agreement.


Floor cleaning equipment uses different amount of power depending on the size. You must ensure the equipment you pick has sufficient power to meet your needs. Large areas require a scrubber with a powerful battery to enable it to complete the job. If the battery is not powerful, then your cleaning may be interrupted.

Construction of the scrubber

NSS Champ equipment is made of different materials. One of the construction materials is the ABS plastic. A scrubber made of this material is ideal for light duty cleaning, it is cheaper, and you can save some money on the purchase. However, it is relatively fragile and can crack if knocked against items during the cleaning. Therefore, it should be handled with a high degree of care.

The other kind of construction material is Rotocast polythene and is good for heavy duty cleaning. It is tougher than ABS plastic and more durable. This is a machine you can have for many years.

Brush type

Auto scrubbers utilize either the cylindrical system or the rotary brushes. When using rotary brushes, one has an advantage because they allow different attachments to be used. You can attach floor pads and their drivers, heavy duty cleaning brushes and stone grinders. Cylindrical systems are good at cleaning VCT and tile floors, but they are not very versatile. They are also more costly in terms of purchase and maintenance costs.

NSS Champ scrubber is a valuable asset to have for commercial and residential cleaning. Different types are available in the market, and one need to select well. The primary consideration to make when purchasing the equipment is the area to be cleaned. The size of the area allows you to pick small or large equipment. Construction materials, power, and type of brush are the other major factors that may influence a buyer’s decision as discussed.