The American growing evolution of pot

I began utilizing marijuana for its beneficial qualities in the seventies. Many people believed that the previous decade was the beginning of the resurgence of pot, but it was actually in the seventies when people not only rediscovered the recreational use of marijuana, but the medicinal use of marijuana was beginning to take hold at this time.

It was at this time that I began collecting cannabis seeds because no matter how good the pot was there was always at least a few viable seeds in every pack of marijuana, and these seeds are the stock for every supposedly new brand that hits the market. In fact, for every supposedly invented strain, there is a Mexican seed origin. Additionally, this mostly Mexican marijuana was of very good quality because no one would even purchase the bad stuff. Mexican weed got its bad reputation because people would sell the poorer quality marijuana to the white kids, and these are the younger people that would eventually be pressed into beginning to grow their own pot.

However, the further away people are from distribution centers, the higher the price of pot and consequently, the quality suffers because it passes literally through so many hands, so the pot growing revolution was not limited to disaffected suburban youth. So, urban growers popped up to also grow their own in order to have the quality pot that places that already had a growing tradition have begun to develop. Many growers fled to more marijuana friendly places like Canada, so the new potent strains become known by certain provinces in Canada that they were grown in, but even these strains were developed from free Mexican marijuana seeds that these growers had been collecting before they moved to Canada to grow their own.

For a while, Canada was the potent pot capital of the world beyond even Amsterdam because of the influx of these growers. However, when California began its pot revolution, many of these growers returned to that area with their newly developed potent strains and the beginning of California as the potent pot capital of the world began.

Everyone knows now the history of pot growing in this country, but for me, I collected seeds because when I finally am able to grow my own in my part pf the country, I am growing from the same original seed stock that gave the world strain names like sour diesel and the famous skunks. I only kept the seeds from the most potent and viral plants that I would encounter when I was purchasing imported street marijuana, and this bears no resemblance to the Mexican dirt weed wrap that people that do not get the good Mexican pot call the low-grade marijuana that they had received. These were seeds from the best plants, and when something was called sin semilla or without seeds, it means that the strains were so pure, that acres of grows produced no seeds, and I have those, so get ready and find a good #1 online head shop because I am coming.