Things you Should Do Before Boarding Your Cat or Dog

Are you worried about leaving your pet alone when you travel? Your friends or family may not be available to look after your pet while you are away. A stay-in facility may be your best option as you are sure your pet will be taken care of by experienced handlers. In Sydney, Solar Lodge kennel will feed, groom and provide a comfortable environment for your pets. Here are important things you should do before boarding your cat or dog.

1. Visit the kennel

Before boarding, visit the facility as it will be your pet’s home while you are away. Talk to the staff about what you would want for your pet. It will help you to make early plans in case the pet needs extra supervision or treatment. Familiarize yourself with the facility. Learn about pet food, grooming options, and any other relevant information. This visit will help you plan accordingly and be organized when to take your pet to the kennel.

2Prepare your pet

Dogs may find boarding adventurous while cats may stress out in the first few boarding days. If your pet shows separation anxiety, try leaving them for a night or two to help them familiarize with other pets.

If your dog still shows anxiety when you leave it, you may need to train first before considering a boarding facility. Some pets may be anxious traveling for the first time out of your home. Plan a car trip with your pet before boarding to ensure they don’t suffer from anxiety as they travel to the boarding kennel.

Training your pets in an enclosed setting helps them adapt to such conditions and can make them less irritable when left at a boarding facility. On the boarding day, ensure your pet has a tag and ensure that you say a quick goodbye. Don’t make a fuss as this can only increase anxiety.

3. Take your pet for a medical check up

While kennels ensure that pets remain healthy, it’s important to run a health check on your pet before boarding. Yearly checkups are important to evaluate the health condition of your pet. Ask the veterinary to run a detailed examination and measure the vitals of your pet. Also, ensure your pet has had all the vaccinations; otherwise they might not be allowed to board.

Check with your vet if the pet could be having recent allergies or reactions to certain things. If the veterinary prescribes medicine, notify the kennel beforehand. This information will guide the kennel staff to provide the best care for your animal.

Lastly, book a boarding facility early to avoid last minute disappointments. Early booking will allow you enough time to visit the kennel, train your pet and to try the enclosure before the actual boarding. You ought to ensure that your pets are safe, healthy and comfortable even when you are away. Pet boarding facilities can help you enjoy your vacation by taking away the worry of leaving your pet behind.