The Best Way to Invite Your Family to Your Graduation

According to, the United States has reached an all-time high school rate of 83 percent in the school year of 2014-2015, and that number continues to increase as time goes by. Every year there are millions of people who graduate from high school or college every Summer. Graduation is a very special time for someone. It is one of the most memorable times they will ever have in their whole life time. It is when someone has worked so hard at something to finally earn their achievement and feel proud of it. It is important to have your friends, family and those who you care about there to witness that proud moment and share it with you. But what is the best way to invite someone to your special event? Should you just ask them to attend in person? Should you call them? Many people have gotten creative over the years with inviting friends and family to events. But, the best way to invite your family and friends to your graduation is to have customized and personalized graduation announcements created.

Support from your family is extremely important these days. It is important that your family and friends are a part of every big moment in your life. According to, 68 percent of people say that their parents depend on them for emotional support and 60 percent of people stated that they are best friends with one of their brothers or sisters. Your family is very important to you and no matter where you go in life, whether you move to a different city, or you have not spoken to them in a while, you never want them to miss one of the most important times in your life, your graduation day. Taking the time to create a special invitation card with your photo or something that delivers a personal message with all of the information necessary for the attendance, would be a great way to invite them. Taking the time to put all this together just for them will help them feel good about your relationship and would be more willing to make time to make this attendance happen.

In addition, taking the time to create a personalized invitation card will allow your family to be caught up with your situation if you have not spoken to them in sometime. For example, if you have not spoken to one of your siblings for quite some time over a view of some sort, when they receive your personalized card with your picture on it, they are more likely to feel some kind of emotion and may put their resentment aside. Again, the whole goal of creating a personalized invitation is to get your invitees to feel something when they look at your card. Nothing is more personable then a card that has your photo on it with important words that made me and something. In addition, creating a card will make you look artistic and not cheap. It is easy to simply take a piece of paper and write out an invitation, but you don’t want to do that. The less effort you put in to an invitation will make you seem lazy and or plain out cheap. You want people especially those you love to have an everlasting impression of you.